Lights, camera, no-action…

I love the local church.  I love studying it’s history, it’s varying style, it’s organizational structure and government, but most of all I love knowing, understanding and studying it’s purposes.  Having said that, the task of the local church is greater than ever before, not only from a spiritual stand point, Read More


20120517-210342.jpgMother’s Day, my wife, Kelly, and I were sitting on our front lawn with my mother-in-law and daughter, Kaylen. We were enjoying the perfect weather and laughing at our comedian daughter when two missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints walked up. Read More

Something’s Gotta Give: The need for Kingdom Families

Extreme Makeover: Life Edition – Family    Notes/Scriptures

Something’s Gotta Give

familyPresently operating youth ministries are failing families all across the country. Since the 90’s, the American church has been striving to reach teens, spending millions of dollars on appeal, buildings, staffing, and programs. It worked…in the 90’s. At large, many youth ministries are still operating the same way.
1. Countdown w/ Christian heavy metal (or substitute hip-hop)…check Read More