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Loud noises.

The year begins with goals and dreams. That, in and of itself, is great. Dream, yes. Continue dreaming. It’s vital. But I wonder what our year would look like if it began with greater attitudes and higher thinking instead? It’s the secret sauce that, if attained, would permeate the rest of life and make goals […]

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Be the New

There’s so much I want to share with you and experience with you in 2018. I believe our lives can become BRAND NEW when we learn to BECOME NEW. My passion is to help us all develop vibrant lives and that happens when we truly experience NEW. Not new rules, but loving and living in […]

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One Year In

You’ve heard people say, “Don’t blink.  Time is fleeting.”  Especially when you begin having kids.  You blow it off as if these phrases are reserved for elderly use only (as a person in your early 20’s, elderly is anyone over 40.)  Then, you become that person! I had a recent day dream moment when I was […]

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