Loud noises.

The year begins with goals and dreams. That, in and of itself, is great. Dream, yes. Continue dreaming. It’s vital. But I wonder what our year would look like if it began with greater attitudes and higher thinking instead? It’s the secret sauce that, if attained, would permeate the rest of life and make goals and dreams actually attainable. Hopes are great, but they only get you so far. Dreams are so good, but leave us dreaming only when the gas toward the dream runs out.

It’s our thinking, thus our attitudes, and consequently, our speech that creates worlds of influence (for good or bad.)

Change your thoughts and you change your world. -Norman Peale

How do we have higher thinking and have peace through the loud noises? Yearn AND learn to listen to God’s voice. Enemies of hearing him sounds familiar and carry a punch: busyness, wrong inner-circles, and sin create the loud noises that drown out the beautiful voice speaking to you.

And what’s awesome is-God speaks in different ways! So it’s an adventure everyday. In Scripture we see God speak audibly, through a whirlwind, through written text and through other people and even more. So take time, in a life of loud noises, to see if he’s speaking at the traffic stop, at the checkout line, in the classroom and when you’re alone.

I guarantee he wants to speak to you, because I know him and he loves to talk with his kids.

So here’s to a season of finding God in the everyday and even mundane. Here’s to hearing God in the loud noises. Here’s to a year of dreams being realized because our engine is fueled by Him, not our own efforts.

Watcha thinkin'?

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