I Am a Living Stone #lsc

Last night, over 80 people gathered to dream.   Dreams of a life-giving local church overtook LSC logo PAGES SMALL jpegour conversation and quickly, our hearts.  Kelly and I are so excited to announce that we are planting Living Stone Church in San Antonio, TX!  We are overjoyed that God has chosen us to plant a new church for Him.  What a humbling honor and blessing.
We have served as youth pastors and associate/executive pastors for the last ten years.  God has used these experiences to develop the gifts He has placed inside of us, to strengthen our marriage, and to help us understand what it takes to not only run a church administratively, but most importantly, to love and care deeply for people and their lives.

In June 2013, God placed a vision and passion in our hearts for a new season of ministry and we have been praying, seeking wise counsel and allowing the Holy Spirit to prepare us ever since.

Our heart is to build a thriving, life-giving local church, that leads people into a vibrant life with Jesus Christ.

We are not doing this alone!  The Holy Spirit led us in the direction of partnering with the Association of Related Churches (ARC) to plant this new church.   An incredible amount of wisdom, guidance and support has already been given to us and we are excited about these next steps as well.  After beginning the stages of training with ARC, Kel and I traveled to Houston for our first ARC conference a few weeks ago.  Wow!  Just wow.  The men and women leading ARC are church planters themselves and have seen thousands of saved.   There are four stages to ARC’s evaluation process (1.0-4.0) and we have completed 1.0.  We will complete 2.0 when we travel to San Diego, California next week for further training, assessment and our second conference.  Following this trip, we will be further assessed by members of the ARC team in Boston, Massachusetts on August 6.  They will assess our marriage, our personal financial habits, our personal dreams/goals, as well as, our expectations and dreams for Living Stone.  From this point we will finalize our official launch date and begin an in-depth strategic marketing/outreach campaign (4.0 coaching and strategic planning).  After that the ball gets rolling even faster with fundraising and further building of our launch team!  Just writing this for you is getting me all excited!

This incredible church-planting organization will match EVERY dollar raised for Living Stone Church up to $50K!  We are asking that you please consider investing generously with the knowledge that your contribution will be doubled.  We have set a goal of $150,000 and we are believing God will enable us to reach that mark.  Kelly and I have already invested over $3,000 into starting Living Stone Church (training, curriculum, web-site, etc.) and are prepared to give whatever God would ask of us.Orange

Here are some practical things that we have been doing in order to see this vision come to fruition. Kelly & I are currently working on:

  • Building our Launch Team
  • Finalizing legal structures, documents
  • Building our marketing campaign
  • Finalize building of our church launch website (www.IAmALivingStone.org) **will be LIVE by end of June!
  • Raising funds:  Launch budget goal:  $150,000. (includes $50K match from ARC)

We know that we cannot do this alone and ask you to partner with us to build Living Stone Church! Whether it is through prayer, coming to our launch service, helping us get the word out to anyone you know who lives in the San Antonio area, or becoming a Living Stone Financial Partner, we are excited to team up with you!

Thank you for reading our official announcement!  Stay connected to landonkyker.com or iamalivingstone.org for resources on how you can help us get the word out about Living Stone.  Updates are coming soon as benchmarks continue to be met.  And of course, if you have any questions, please email me at kykerlandon@gmail.com or kellykyker@Hotmail.com.   We love you!

Let’s link up and change our world.  See below to start the journey.

Download Living Stone Church images HERE

2 thoughts on “I Am a Living Stone #lsc

  • Praise the Lord! God be with Living Stone Church and may He guide every step and decision. The Kingdom of God is going to grow!!! People will be healed, delivered and the broken hearted will be whole again! Thank you Jesus for Living Stone Church!

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