Eyes Light Up

Psalm 119:130, “The teaching of your word gives light…”

Seeing the light of the Word bring life to people is not only the call of preaching, but it is so much fun!  I have been ministering in west Texas this week.  After teaching on Matthew 4 on Tuesday, I witnessed this light in full force.  The kingdom truth about our identity as sons of God lit them up!  Seeing the wide open eyes of these precious people as they fully received the message of the kingdom re-lit my fire!

I love doing what I do.  Hearing people’s testimonies of how the message of Kingdom changed the trajectory of their life never gets old.  After receiving Christ as Savior, most are left wondering, “now what?”  The message of the Kingdom, that’s what!  This next level in Christ literally lights people up.  I love it.

Kel and I are looking forward to ministering the gospel of the Kingdom 5 times next week.  What an honor.  We can’t wait!

Be encouraged today as you live out your next level in Him.  The best is yet to come and YOU are sons and daughters of God.

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