Trusting Through the Journey

It has been ten years since Kel and I walked into the doors of our first ministry assignment in Dallas, TX.  Of these ten years, seven of them have been spent in San Antonio, TX.  There are many words I would use to describe the previous decade, such as, grace, unmerited favor, and provision.  Now one word seems to fit it all and also points to our future:  journey.  This journey we have been traveling has not been a misdirected wandering.  Our journey has been purposeful, intentional and strategic.

Father has walked alongside us through the victories, failures, feasts and famines.  He alone has sustained us in times of weariness and in strength.  The Holy Spirit has graciously taught us invaluable truths through the Word & through voices of wisdom.  We are humbly grateful for the last ten years and find ourselves increasingly excited for what is next.  Having said that, here’s where we are and where we’ve landed ten years later…

On April 6, 2014, Kingdom Life Fellowship held it’s final service as a corporate body.  Serving as the Campus/Associate Pastor of Kingdom Life Fellowship has been the greatest honor of my life in ministry.  To state that is was a privilege to serve under Brandon & Holli Honeycutt would be a grave understatement.  Kelly and I have never learned more, laughed more, and gleaned more from or with anyone else.  Seeing and understanding the Gospel of the Kingdom and watching it come alive in my life and in my family is a cherished value that now guides my thoughts, decisions, goals and dreams.  Without the years of service at Kingdom Life, I would not be ready for the next assignment God has prepared. They have truly had the greatest hand in my development out of anyone I know or have sat under.

Our time with KLF will always hold a special place in our hearts. We were personally discipled, learned the Biblical basis of sonship, were given the freedom to grow as ministers, served as our pastor’s children’s first youth pastors and even became parents since moving to San Antonio! What a blessed seven years this has been.  I deeply honor our former pastors and dear friends for these opportunities.  I am deeply grateful for their investment into my family and ministry.  The Honeycutt’s heavenly jewel-ridden crown must be ridiculously heavy for all that they’ve done for the Kingdom.

So, what’s next?  I’ve been asked this question a few times recently.  Here’s the simple answer:  listen to the Holy Spirit.  Period.

While Kelly and I pray, spend time in the Word, seek out wisdom from trusted spiritual parents and take time to hear the Holy Spirit for our future, we are asking everyone else to do the same.

The Holy Spirit is preparing a road for all of us and some of us might end up traveling the same pathway, but for now, we are taking it slow and listening to the heartbeat of heaven for our futures.

God is preparing people’s hearts for their next assignments, ministries and church home.  What God is up to next is glorious, exciting, fruitful and FUN, even if it doesn’t look like you thought it would or thought it should.  We TRUST and BELIEVE that He is working all of this out for the good of His sons and daughters.

When I say, “the best is yet to come,” I mean it.  The best truly is coming and you get to be part of it.  How do I know that?  Because God is all over it.

Thank you for your prayers, gifts and love in this season.  Kelly and I are excited and at peace with this process as we discern God’s next steps for the Kyker’s.  Follow this blog to stay posted.  We love and appreciate you all.




2 thoughts on “Trusting Through the Journey

  • It has, indeed, been an incredible, blessed, awe inspired journey, and I have seen SO much growth. What a joy and a privilege it has been to watch and see how the Lord has been growing you two precious ones into mighty warriors in His Kingdom! He has glorious things in store for you, of that I am sure! I love listening to the messages that you have brought forth, the growth in the knowledge Holy Spirit has given you is so wonderful, and the way He has developed in you the gift of presenting The Word is amazing. Keep pressing onward and upward.

    Frank and I have you in our hearts, our prayers, and continue to look forward to incredible things in the future! Blessings!

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