Lights, camera, no-action…

I love the local church.  I love studying it’s history, it’s varying style, it’s organizational structure and government, but most of all I love knowing, understanding and studying it’s purposes.  Having said that, the task of the local church is greater than ever before, not only from a spiritual stand point, but a practical numbers standpoint.

The State of Texas intakes approximately 1,000 new people to it’s population number EVERYDAY (Politifact). The United States added 2.25 million people to it’s rolls in 2011 bringing our total population to 312.8 million (US News)  Planet earth has approximately 6 billion people inhabiting it’s surface.  That number is simply staggering.  Experts say that planet earth will have 9 billion inhabitants within the next 50 years.

So the obvious question must be asked,

“What is the local church’s game-plan for a densely populated planet?”

You would be quick to hear varying answers from numerous (and often opposing) churches and para-church organizations.  Whatever the answer, the task at hand is such:  this world needs the foundational fundamental element of  life and government to be Jesus Christ (Whom, by the way, does not “coexist” with other deity to accomplish this task).  If we are His hands, His feet and His voice on the earth, what are we doing about it?

There are many wonderful churches taking back ground from the enemy and pursuing His presence above all programs, church-growth book knowledge and biblical education (although highly important and warranted).

THIS IS THE KEY – A Pursuit of Scripture’s perfect church growth program: Unity and the Holy Spirit.

We’re great at the “show” and have boasted dynamic numbers of crowds in multi-million dollar facilities but have become somewhat “dead-pan” in WORKS and SIGNS AND WONDERS.

Our pastor said this to me last week, “When Jesus would draw a crowd, what would he do?  He preached, met their need and performed miracles.”

What if the greatest method of evangelism and church growth was people seeking to have their needs met by an Almighty God and fall in love with the presence of God in their life that they forsake all else to pursue His presence and the Holy Spirit’s indwelling?

I love this quote from Dr. Mark Hanby,

“What if the salvation of a lost world was somehow tied to the Church’s coming into biblical order? What if their salvation was not so much dependent on evangelism methods as on the Church’s willingness to change and follow principles long contained in Scripture?”

Right on.  The church’s passionate pursuit of HIM without denominational handbooks and/or traditional roadblocks may seem frightening to people who value a traditional view of Christianity and church.  I am not saying that we become ‘charimaniacs’ and scare the hell out of everyone.

I am saying that we simply become this:

  • Genuine (walk in true love for those your Savior already purchased with the ultimate price paid.)
  • Spirit-led and unapologetic (don’t be sorry for what God does at the grocery store check-out line!  Listen to Him.)
  • Open to allowing the Holy Spirit to do WHATEVER He wants even if it short-circuits our theological boxes

Enough of the programming-for-the-sake-of-programming.  Enough of the lights, camera and lack of action.  Let’s get back to the upper room, angels breaking people out of jail, spirit-led boldness before the Sanhedrin type of Christianity.  Because this nation and this world need, and DESERVE, the blood of Jesus to cover their lives.

(Plus…living that type of Christian life is more fun 🙂

One thought on “Lights, camera, no-action…

  • Amen and AMEN! Talking the talk is one thing, walking the walk is another . . . so many people miss it completely. it is sad. People all around us hurting. We are to BE the church, the Body of Christ, the Bride He is returning for . . . Salt and Light . . . His hand extended . . . bringing His hope, His healing, His grace, sharing His mercy, His compassion, yet we miss the mark on so many occasions. Father, forgive us!

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