Something’s Gotta Give: The need for Kingdom Families

Extreme Makeover: Life Edition – Family    Notes/Scriptures

Something’s Gotta Give

familyPresently operating youth ministries are failing families all across the country. Since the 90’s, the American church has been striving to reach teens, spending millions of dollars on appeal, buildings, staffing, and programs. It worked…in the 90’s. At large, many youth ministries are still operating the same way.
1. Countdown w/ Christian heavy metal (or substitute hip-hop)…check
2. Worship leader with a flock-of-seagulls hairdo and tight vest complete w/ skinny jeans…check.
3. Prayer…oops. (Got too busy fighting with the computer for our videos.)
4. Sermon…check
5. Fluid for fog machine…check (the anointing doesn’t come until the stage lights filter through fog!)

Yes, I am being humorous, but the point remains true: we strive in unnecessary areas.
In the 90’s and even into the early 2000’s, the American teenager was “wowed” by the church’s attempt to appeal to all 5 of their senses in one youth meeting. Now, it is expected.

I made a statement in the above linked sermon that youth pastors’ titles should shift to “Parent Pastors: with an emphasis on teens.” This comes from my recent experiences as a youth pastor. Most of my time is spent discipling parents to THINK. Two hours of youth group a week and an occasional game night worked when the parents were functioning in their biblical roles as pastors of their homes. Fog, hairdos, skinny jeans, and videos are going out of style. Parents must be reached!! When a youth pastor preaches about God’s intense love and his commandments about premarital sex and then the student goes home only to receive a Costco size box of condoms for his birthday…something’s gotta give.

Click the link above and listen. This culture needs parents who will stop the “do as I say, not as I do” attitude and become pastors of their homes once again. This generation needs to see parents who do not compromise their faith or blow up Facebook with their own “emo” comments. Our teenagers need to be surrounded by genuine faith, not religious observance or tradition. What is your role in curbing the advance of darkness in our teens…become a stable, legitimate example of faith.

They need a Kingdom Family.

Watcha thinkin'?

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