The Magnificat

Welcome to my first “downloads” post.  During my study time last week, I received a download- a piece of revelation from Father.  Considering that the Christmas season has officially arrived, I decided to re-read the accounts of Christ’s birth in Matthew 1 and Luke 1.  As I read Luke 1, I followed a “holy rabbit trail” (any side note, scripture suggestion, greek/hebrew word study, etc.) This holy rabbit trail led to my study of the Magnificat.  Historically, in Protestant life we don’t speak much of Mary except for her being the mother of Jesus.  Although I do not believe her to be deity or the “holy mother”, I do believe that we as protestant Christians have missed some great truth in the spiritual, practical struggle Miriam encountered when she was presented a life changing message by the angel Gabriel.

Let’s look into it:  Mary was a beautiful, happy, young Hebrew woman who was engaged to marry a successful, young carpenter named, Joseph.  I’m sure the in-laws were thrilled and wedding preparations had begun!  Joseph was a God-fearing man and did things right in the eyes of the Lord.  Then, one day a heavenly being waltzes into Mary’s room and declares she is pregnant with Jesus Christ the Savior of the world!  What!?!  This was a troubling statement to a bride-to-be!  Premarital and extramarital sexual activity were heavily condemned in Jewish law, she was going to have to convince family and her fiancé’ that she had not slept around and for the next 9 months she would be seen by the world as, let us say, less than marriage material.  But, look at Mary’s reaction in Luke 1:38, “Behold, the bondslave of the Lord; be it done to me according to your word.”

The first thing to learn is:  Mary’s identity was not as a bride, a Hebrew or even a woman…it was a servant of God.

She had been chosen.  Her identity remained the same, but her calling increased! It is important that you see this before we proceed to the Magnificat.

The word “magnificat” is a Latin word that means, “my soul magnifies.”  In Luke 1:46-54, we see the recorded song of Mary in which she magnifies the Lord for her being chosen.   She proceeds to exclaim phrases such as, “my soul exalts the Lord,” “the mighty One has done great things for me,” “he has filled the hungry with great things.”

The second thing to recognize is this: Mary was operating out of a place of sincere humility.

She states in verse 48, “…He has had regard for the humble state of His bondslave…”

Now to the good part 🙂   Mary continues on in verse 48 to say, “For behold, from this time on all generations will count be blessed.”  The word “blessed” in this section of the New Testament is the greek word ‘makarios.’  (μακάριος)  This word is  translated into english as “blessed.”  However, scholars say that this word contains a much deeper meaning, “to be indwelt by God and to be fully satisfied.”

The last thing I want to point out to you is this: Mary knew that God’s plan was more satisfying than her own.

This is not only a word study, but a heart check, a mindset study and a report card.  When was the last time you truly felt indwelt by God?  Has your striving in life and/or against sin become so tiresome and laborious that you have either given up or come close to it?  When can you recall that you walked through life with the feeling of full satisfaction?  

Mary’s situation was one that  a. changed HER plans   b.  changed HER destiny  c. changed HER current status in society and yet she still exclaimed a song of joy to the Lord which revealed her place of total satisfaction and peace.  I believe that we fight and fight against sin and mindsets at the laughable tone of the devil because we’re fighting without being FULL.  The closer you become to being fully satisfied (like last week on Thanksgiving) with the indwelling of Christ, the less you’ll be grasping for whatever it takes to make you happy.  You’ll find yourself becoming stable and stalwart against the waves and wind.  You see, a satisfied person doesn’t chase after other things to add satisfaction to satisfaction…why?  BECAUSE THEY’RE ALREADY SATISFIED.

Are you fully satisfied in the Lord?  Have you approached life with a deep humility that allows God to change your current circumstances to further the Kingdom of God?

By now this probably goes without saying but, being blessed is not only about financial gain or material wealth.  A true state of blessing is a state of humility in which God shows up to dwell in you causing you to be fully satisfied.  In that, we can sing our own song of magnification to the Lord.


ps-and what about that Joseph guy?  Amazing man, huh?  That study will have to wait…

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