My Bebes

 Meet the two girls who have occupied every inch of my heart!  My wife, Kelly, and I have been married 7 years and just welcomed our beautiful baby girl, Kaylen, into the world on August 26, 2011.  She is an amazing answer to prayer and a confirmation to prophecy!

In 2010, we experienced a miscarriage of Kelly’s first pregnancy.  It was sincerely one of the most difficult emotional times of our marriage.  One month afterwards, our church had Pastor Phil Corbett and Pastor Johnny Knight speaking.  At the altar on August 28, 2010, Pastor Johnny prophesied that “one year from today, you will be holding your baby in your arms.”  Well….look at the top of the page!  There she is!  Almost one year later to the day, Kaylen was born.

When she was born, she was not breathing.  However, the word of the Lord continued ringing in our ears.  Kelly and I prayed and spoke God’s Word over our baby that the EMT’s had just taken away from us at the birth center.  Before baby girl even arrived at the hospital, she was screaming saying, “I’m breathing dudes, back off!  Take me back to Mom and Dad” 🙂

God has been such an amazing provider, sustainer, teacher and father to us.

What an amazing honor to serve an almighty God, marry an amazing woman, become a daddy to the world’s most precious girl, and pastor incredible people.

God loves me.

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